Cozy Comfort at Crepe Cellar in NoDa

I have been wanting to try Crepe Cellar ever since I moved to Charlotte a year and a half ago.  With all the thriving restaurants, I admit, it has taken me quite awhile.  After experiencing the simple genius that is Growler’s Pourhouse and realizing the connection between the two establishments (they share a kitchen and owner’s if I’m not mistaken) I knew I needed to get over there and try out the European style gastropub cuisine.  The menu is filled with feel-good food; from roasted chicken to beef short ribs to the traditional and not-so-traditional savory crepes, the choices are sure to leave you satisfied.  We walked in and I was immediately happy.  The dimly lit room, brick walls, and dark wood columns made for an intimate and comforting atmosphere.  Oversize bar stools, chalkboard menus, and a small, but neatly stocked bar enhanced the overall cozy feel.

I was thrilled to see so many guests on a Sunday night, when I’ve found in Charlotte that many restaurants are empty.

We started with a nicely priced Malbec and their infamous brussel sprouts.  I for one, love brussel sprouts when simply roasted; add a perfect pan sear, toss with arugula pesto, top with parmesan cheese and I’m in brussel sprout heaven.

Love the presentation.

As evidenced by the fork in the picture, it was extremely hard to wait for the photographer to dig in.

Moving on to the main event, three out of the four diners chose the Crepe Cellar Burger as it came highly recommended (and was served with the award-winning french fries).  

Gruyère, onion straws, and my favorite: garlic aoili.  Don’t worry I asked for more on the side.  The burger itself was a little past how I like it, but delicious nonetheless and I would order it again.

Served with fries.  We upgraded to the Pesto Brie Hand Cut and Twice Fried “Charlotte Magazine Best of the Best 2011”.

The meal was a perfect ending to the weekend, and honestly a much-needed pick-me-up after the beating the Virginia Tech Football team took this weekend.  Crepe Cellar is somewhere I see myself eating a lot more often in the future.  I really want to try some of their more refined dishes, like the Beef Short Ribs, and the traditional crepes.  Not only is the food delicious and comforting, but the interior beckons you back for more.

Crepe Cellar in NoDa is a must-go for whatever you’re looking for.  Date night, girls night, Sunday night; it’s inviting, cozy, and comforting.

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