13.1 and the Green Truck Pub: Road Trip to Savannah

Just returned to the queen city after spending the weekend visiting the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia with a great group of people.  It was my first time to the charming southern city and I really enjoyed the historic buildings, welcoming atmosphere, and open container laws.  No but seriously, why isn’t that nationwide?

Anyway, the real reason we roadtripped down to Georgia was for Savannah’s Inaugural Rock n Roll Marathon/Half-Marathon.  After a rocky start on Friday night (wrong invoice for our house rental/stayed in a sketchy motel) we had a great race morning.  Easy drive into the city, dropped off right by the start line, and had all of our runners finish under 1:50.  Not too shabby.

After the race, we refueled with bars, sports drinks, and peanut butter filled dates (thanks Katie) but before long we were craving some burgers.  Having never been to Savannah, we hopped on Urbanspoon and found Green Truck Pub.  Best New Restaurant, Best Burger.  We were sold.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones.  The place was filled with locals and race runners alike.  We decided the wait the hour in promise of a deliciously handcrafted meal.

The place is a total dive on the outside; lively and passionate on the inside.

We ordered some beers and appetizers at the bar while we waited for our table.  The friendly bartender happily let us sample some beer before choosing.  Green Truck has a wide selection of craft beers both on draft and in the bottle.  I settled on Allagash White, which was crisp and refreshing post-race.

We ordered Spiced Georgia Nuts and Pimento Cheese Plate to munch on.

Spicy, crunchy, salty, with a hint of rosemary.  My favorite.

A southern classic done perfectly.  Served with house made pickles that were divine.






We enjoyed some post-race liquid carb loading while listening to classics on the old-school Elvis jukebox.

After being seated by a very friendly waitress who was more than happy to share her recommendations, we were ready to order.  I wanted to try “The Whole Farm Burger”–fried egg, cheese, and bacon on a burger–but after snacking, decided to keep it simple with the Hot Rod with cheddar cheese and thick bacon.  I wasn’t disappointed.

The burger was juicy and flavorful, cooked perfectly.  The bacon and cheese were perfect toppings and added just the right amount of crunchiness and gooeyness.

And the french fries…to die for.  Some of the best fries I’ve ever eaten, hands down.  They were so crispy on the outside and seasoned perfectly.






Green Truck not only makes their pickles in house but also makes most of their condiments from scratch.  Mayo and housemade ketchup to complete the perfect burger.

It didn’t take long to dig in.

Don’t be fooled by this picture.  My plate was clean when we left.

Green Truck Neighborhood Pub is a must if you are visiting Savannah or are lucky enough to live near this neighborhood favorite.  Grass-fed all-natural beef, made from scratch condiments, locally sourced ingredients, craft beer, out of this world french fries, and a lively, welcoming atmosphere.  It’s a foodies heaven.  You can truly taste the passion coming out of this kitchen.






Looks like I’ll be signing up for Rock n Roll Savannah 2012.


Green Truck Pub on Urbanspoon


One thought on “13.1 and the Green Truck Pub: Road Trip to Savannah

  1. Emily,
    I am happy to see some runner goto Green Truck Pub. Its a fabulous place with great employees and a great owner. The staff, whom of which I have gotten to know over the past year (went in the first day they were open) is comprized mostly, orginal hires. So its good to hear that they served you well. Next time you stop in, you must try the locally made Cheesecake. It is hands down the best cheesecake you can get in the city. With flavors ever rotating, you’d be hard pressed to find a better cheesecake. With the original NY styler Cheesecake as a fall back, Green Truck has had great flavors as well, Keylime, Pumpkin, and a Peanut Butter&Chocolate Cheesecake just to name a few. Look forward to following more of your blog.

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