Modern Indian Cuisine at Copper

Copper Modern Indian has been on my radar since moving to Charlotte last year and when Living Social offered a deal I immediately jumped on it.  I absolutely love trying all different kinds of ethnic foods and tasting the combinations of flavors that I would never think of or be able to recreate at home.  Vietnamese currently tops my list for best ethnic food but I’d go for the spicy, earthy flavors of Indian anytime.

Copper is located in a stylish bungalow on East Boulevard and boasts an upscale and international menu.  It features traditional Indian dishes as well as modern innovative Indian.  Before eating there I had really had no idea what that meant.  Modern Indian?? When I think Indian, I think curry, naan, tikka, and paneer.  I never considered the upscale version of Indian food and Modern certainly changed that.

We started off the evening with some warm, chewy, garlicky naan which didn’t disappoint. It’s served with three dipping sauces: chutney, mint, and yogurt.  My favorite was the chutney.

In fact, the naan was so good that as soon as we polished off the first batch we ordered another.   Maybe they should offer free refills.

When it came time to order entrees I was debating between sticking with traditional Indian cuisine or trying one of their modern concepts.  Luckily, my roommates both decided on the lamb curry with “bottle masala” and chickpeas.  Not really sure what “bottle masala” is but it must be something delicious because they curry was just that.

The lamb was perfectly tender and the curry was rich and complex.  I tend like my curry a little spicier but it was very good nonetheless.  I would definitely go back just to order this dish.  I stole multiple bites in between this plate of heaven…

Curryleaf scallops, saffron scented leek-yukon-pear creme, and crispy leeks.

A combination of flavors I have never before experienced that was absolutely heavenly. The pears added a subtle sweetness to the potatoes and combined with the crunch of the leeks was simply divine.  It had almost a tropical flavor to it, I think from coconut milk? Whatever it was, I couldn’t get enough.  The scallops were crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth on the inside, infused with the curryleaf scent.  This dish was unlike any other I’ve ever eaten and I certainly didn’t leave anything on my plate.  Copper’s international flavors, textures, and presentation were very impressive and after eating this dish I understand what modern Indian is all about.

If you are looking for something new and creative, Copper fits the bill.  It’s very sheek and perfect for a date night.  I definitely recommend it whether you want traditional Indian or if you are feeling adventurous and want something new.

Copper Modern Indian Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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