Strip Mall Smorgasbord

Hey y’all.  I apologize for the lack of posts, but the first week of school can be summed up with one word: chaos.  Organized chaos it may be, but it has left me with not very much free time and is sending me to bed before 9.  When my partner in crime and teacher extraordinaire Lauren invited me to a girls brunch at Bistro La Bon I couldn’t resist.  Even with my dwindling funds due to not receiving a paycheck all summer, I decided some good “research” was just what I needed.

A chef-inspired bistro in a strip mall on Central Avenue isn’t exactly the perfect match but at Bistro La Bon in Plaza Midwood it works.  As you can see, it isn’t exactly a beauty from the street view…

But upon entering, you a greeted with one of the friendliest hostesses in Charlotte as well as a gorgeous dining room decorated with modern art, large windows, and warm colors.

Their Sunday Morning Smorgasbord has become quite popular in the QC and after enjoying their dinner menu last winter, I was excited to try out the spread.

Charlotte was experiencing one of the most beautiful days of summer yet, so we got a table outside.

Bistro La Bon’s Sunday brunch offers a wide array of hot, cold, sweet, and savory items.

The majority of the menu is featured on a buffet line and you can order french toast, chocolate waffles, eggs, and bacon family style for the table, which of course we did. Multiple orders of each.

I figured since I would be blogging about, I needed to try most items.  Or I was just making excuses to eat a lot.  Either way, here’s a look at my first plate:

Mini cranberry scone, house cured salmon with accompaniments, watermelon, brisket, farmer’s market vegetables, house made pastries and bread, beets, and sweet potato hash.

The stand outs:  the salmon was deliciously salty, cranberry scone shortbread-like, and the sweet potato hash is a must.

Round two:

Cold orzo shrimp salad, organic chicken, swedish meatballs, more salmon, house made mozzarella with tomato and basil, pineapple, coconut macaroon, and bacon.

Definitely try the meatballs, considering the chef hails from Sweden.  The shrimp salad has a nice zing to it, and the bacon a perfect crisp.

Of course, we also had to try the made to order items (which are included in the buffet price).

French Toast
Chocolate Waffles

Absolutely divine.  Thick cut, light, airy bread, soaked in maple syrup and whipped butter.

A little too chocolate-y for me, but other at the table raved over them.

And I almost forgot the coffee.  Not sure who is supplying the beans, but it was brewed to perfection and just what I needed to fuel a day of planning and prepping for the work week.

I highly recommend Bistro La Bon as a brunch spot in Charlotte.  Great for the after church crowd, family, friends, or to celebrate a special occasion.  They even take reservations, great if you are planning a party or have visitors coming in town.

Welp, back to planning for student achievement!

Until my next eating adventure,

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