Restaurant Review: Good Food on Montford

Yes, yes, I know.  To some, the name Montford is associated with Andrew Blair’s after 10:00 with frat boys galore and overpriced Bud Light (aka water).  But to truly know Montford you have to dive in beyond Andrew Blair’s dance floor and Brazewell’s bumping tunes and head into my favorite restaurant (so far) in Charlotte.

Good Food on Montford is James Beard award-winning chef Bruce Moffett’s second restaurant in Charlotte.  Moving from sous-chef at Barrington’s he created a small plates/tapas style restaurant with a creative menu, executed brilliantly.  Decor is welcoming and warm including dim light fixtures, a brick bar wall, and beautiful windows which open up the entire room.  I have been several times in my short year here in Charlotte and Saturday night was exceptional.  Go with a rowdy group or your hunny for a romantic evening.  Whatever you choose, just go.

Sharing is the best way to enjoy Good Food’s menu.  My company is adventurous and fit the bill.  We ordered three cold plates and four warm plates before diving into two desserts.  First came a roasted beet crostini with a creamy goat cheese and followed by smoked salmon.  The salty salmon was delicately sliced into razor-thin with potato, egg, dill creme fraiche and capers.  The combination was heavenly.  We also gobbled up a bean and watermelon special that is not listed on the menu online.  Perfect for a North Carolina summer.

Next came the warm plates. I’ll take it slow.

Now I know I have had the seared scallops before, but whoever was behind the grill Saturday night nailed it.  They were seared to utter perfection, crispy on the outside and sweet any buttery on the inside.  The corn risotto underneath complemented the scallops beautifully and vanished before I could take a second bite.

Pomme frittes, as usual, were crispy, truffle-y, herby, and if that’s not enough, topped off with the natural saltiness of parmigiano reggiano.

Next was the braised duck fettucine.  Yes, it was summer, yes it was hot outside but w-o-w was that sauce rich and tasty as I don’t know what.  I would have licked the bowl clean…instead I used pomme frittes to act as my tongue, sopping up the remains of the duck cream sauce.  The peas were perfectly sweet and the pancetta added a nice savory bite to the handmade fettucine.

Finally (well at least until dessert) was…drum roll please…steamed bun.  My personal favorite dish at Good Food.  It contains two of my favorite ingredients: pork belly and pickled vegetables.  The belly is rubbed in an asian spice blend along with hoisin; tucked in a Chinese bun along with the vegetables creating a sticky, salty, crunchy, sweet, and portable piece of heaven.

After wine was polished off, we decided YOLO (You Only Live Once) and ordered two desserts to share.  Why not.  Upside Down Peach Cake and Macademia Nut Pie.  Both were great, the pie was better (coming from a peach obsessed).

Other dishes I have eaten on past occasions:
cheese plate
asparagus salad
quail lettuce wrap
baked cavatappi

fine..almost the whole menu.  I guess that means if you need suggestions I’m your gal.  Or it means I eat too much.  Whichever.

Until my next eats.

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